Salaams Parents and Students,

Our 3rd Grade year has had a interesting start but Alhamdulilah, we are finally getting used to the hang of things! We’ve been trying to balance days off of school with diagnostic testing and MAP and it seems like we weren’t able to get a real week of school just yet! Throw in the solar eclipse and the hurricane and things were just getting more and more interesting. We definitely took advantage of the wonderful scientific events that were happening and really got to dive into learning about the amazing way our universe works.

We have finished with MAP testing, MCLASS testing, as well as Beginning of Year Diagnostic testing, and we are on our way to developing our classroom learning routines. We’ve started working in our interactive notebooks and have 2 books already under our belts, so we’ve been making some really good progress.

Interims will be going home on September 29th inshallah and we look forward to having conferences with all of you Inshallah. If you ever have any questions/comments/concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our emails or on Bloomz.

-3rd Grade Team